The Aziz Foundation scholarships

The Aziz Foundation is a family charitable foundation established to nurture confident, articulate public leaders of Muslim background who are able to critically engage with public narratives and address the social challenges facing British Muslim communities and wider society.

Since 2015 the Foundation has been partnering with universities by offering scholarships schemes for British Muslims hoping to pursue postgraduate study at Masters level.

In 2021 the Foundation began an association with the Journalism Diversity Fund, supporting successful JDF candidates who identify as British Muslims and who are suitably engaged with Muslim communities in the UK.

At the point of application, JDF candidates can specify whether they wish to be considered for Aziz Foundation scholarships as part of the support they are requesting from the JDF. Those who successfully meet both the JDF criteria and the Foundation’s own criteria will gain additional networking and insight opportunities through the work of the Foundation.

The Foundation’s work is guided by principles of social justice, compassion and cooperation. It recognises that Muslims make an invaluable contribution to the fabric of this country empowers them to fulfil their true potential and continue making positive contributions to their communities and beyond.