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Each year we see increasing applications to the Journalism Diversity Fund which means that demands on the fund currently outstrip our resources. This means we rely on industry professionals to volunteer their time and expertise. Editors and senior journalists are always needed to shortlist applicants to the interview stage and also to sit on the panel which interviews applicants to the fund. All those that do participate in this process, find it an enjoyable and rewarding experience, and would urge other industry professionals to take part.

Furthermore, so the fund can continue to offer much needed help to socially and ethnically diverse students committed to a career in journalism, it is important that we build upon the current financial contributions. Each donation makes a significant contribution and allows us to help more diverse students start their journalism career and help diversify newsrooms across the country which are currently dominated by a ruling minority – the white upper and middle classes.

If you would like to help young people from diverse backgrounds start a career in journalism, or want more information, please ring 01799 544 014 or email [email protected].