Privacy policy

This website is maintained by the NCTJ, The New Granary, Station Road, Newport, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 3PL . Contact [email protected] for further assistance.

The NCTJ takes your online privacy seriously.  You may visit this site anonymously as often as you like without providing any personally identifying information such as your name, address or email address.  We do not collect personally identifying information from you except when you specifically provide it, and we protect the information we receive.  With your consent we may gather personal information from you through surveys, testimonials and questionnaires.

Using your personal information

Personal information submitted to us via the application form on this website will be used in the following ways:

The NCTJ will send a password protected link to allow shortlisters to view your application in order to carry out the shortlisting process. This link will be changed immediately after the shortlisting process has been carried out.

If shortlisted, your applications will then be sent to the interview panel in advance of your scheduled interview. Those on the interview panel will be instructed to destroy your application after the interview has taken place.

Your email address and telephone number will not be shared with interviewers and shortlisters and will only used by the NCTJ to contact you about your application.

Any sensitive data (copies of passports, birth certificates or other proof of residency) will be excluded from the applications shared with shortlisters and interview panellists and only used by the NCTJ to verify your eligibility.

All sensitive data will be destroyed after a decision on your application has been made. Applications will be stored by the NCTJ for statistical and HMRC auditing purposes for seven years, after which they will be destroyed.

Removing your personal details

If you have provided us with your email address or any other information and later decide that you do not want us to have it, you may ask us to delete it by emailing [email protected].

Link to other sites

Our site contains links to other sites that are not under our control. Such other sites do not necessarily follow our privacy policies and may place their own cookies on your computer. This practice is standard on the web and we do not control cookies placed on your computer by third parties whose advertising or links appear on our site.