Latest Journalism Diversity Fund bursary shortlist announced

Posted: 20 Jun 13
Categories: News

The shortlist for the second round of Journalism Diversity Fund bursaries has now been announced.

Ten applicants have been invited for interview and will be questioned by a panel of editors at Brunswick on Friday 21 June.

Megan Bramall, Rebecca Fielding, Charlotte Goodwin, Zoah Hedges-Stocks, Ana Hine, Elizabeth Jackson, Haseeb Malik, Darius McQuaid, Stephanie Niciu and Lyth Yousif will be asked various questions about their passion for journalism, financial need and diversity.

Successful interviewees will be awarded a bursary to cover the cost of their journalism training. A contribution towards travel or living expenses may also be awarded depending on financial need.

Applications for cohort three are now open. The closing date for applications is 17 July 2013.

The full shortlist is as follows:

Megan Bramall (22), Wigan

Rebecca Fielding (20), Leeds

Charlotte Goodwin (21), Derbyshire

Zoah Hedges-Stocks (23), Suffolk

Ana Hine (22), Dundee

Elizabeth Jackson (22), Dorset

Haseeb Malik (East Riding of Yorkshire

Stephanie Niciu (22), Liverpool

Darius McQuaid (23), Bickley, Kent

Layth Yousif (40), Hitchin