Journalism Diversity Fund announces cohort two interview shortlist

Posted: 9 Jun 17
Categories: News

Nine applicants have been shortlisted for interview for the second cohort of the Journalism Diversity Fund bursaries.

The full shortlist is as follows:

  • Imogen Braddick
  • Shamaan Freeman-Powell
  • James Gale
  • Thomas Gabbidon
  • Thapelo Moloantoa
  • Jessica Murray
  • Connor Parker
  • Harvey Solomon-Brady
  • Loretta Thomas

The candidates have been invited for interview and will be questioned by a panel of senior industry members at the Press Association offices on Thursday, 15 June.

The applicants will be asked various questions about their passion for journalism, financial need and diversity.

Bursaries are awarded to those from socially or ethnically diverse backgrounds who have a passion for journalism and can demonstrate how they will bring diversity to the newsroom. Bursaries are awarded to cover the cost of journalism training and may include a contribution towards travel or living expenses depending on financial need.

Applications for bursaries are currently open for the diversity fund’s third cohort. Application forms are available on the Journalism Diversity Fund website, the deadline is Wednesday, 12 July.

For further information, contact Alison Puttock, senior administrator, on 01799 5449444 or email [email protected]