1. If the course I am applying to is currently seeking NCTJ accreditation can I still apply to the fund?

No – the course has to currently be NCTJ-accredited in order to apply to the Journalism Diversity Fund.

2. How do I know what courses are NCTJ-accredited?

You can see a list of accredited courses on the NCTJ website. Follow this link: http://www.nctj.com/custom/accredited  click on the centre you are interested in applying to and check that the course you want to apply to is listed as NCTJ-accredited. Just because some journalism courses at the listed centres are accredited does not mean all of them are.

3. I have secured a place on an undergraduate (BA) course accredited by the NCTJ, can I still apply?

No – Unfortunately bursaries are not available to those wishing to study at undergraduate (BA) level. Please speak to your university to find out what funding is available for undergraduate (BA) courses. There are a range of other courses that are accredited by the NCTJ. For a list on the different types of journalism courses please click here: http://www.nctj.com/accredited/.

4. If I have already started the course can I apply for funding?

No – those who have already started a course are not eligible to apply. Bursaries must be awarded prior to the course commencing.

5. What do we mean by socially and ethnically diverse?

By socially or ethnically diverse we mean we are looking for people who are from a different background to the majority of people who occupy newsrooms today (white middle class). However, this does not simply mean people from an ethnic background. We have had candidates who have rightly stated that their social class, their disability, individual circumstances (e.g. the fact they have spent their childhood in care or that they are a single parent) or their sexual orientation makes them diverse.

The successful recipients of the fund are those who prove they need the financial support, prove that they are diverse through their individual circumstances, and that they can use their diversity to enhance their journalistic work and truly represent the communities they serve.

6. I am an international student; can I apply for the fund?

No – you can only apply to the fund if you are a British citizen residing in the UK. You will not be eligible to for funding otherwise.

7. How much can I apply for?

There is no set amount as to how much you can apply for. The fund can pay the cost of your NCTJ-accredited course and some students may be entitled to a contribution towards living or travel expenses.

8. Can I work part-time after I have received funding?

Yes – there are no restrictions on what work you undertake while you are completing your course. However, if your institution recommends that you do not undertake part-time work whilst completing your studies due to the heavy work load we would strongly suggest following their advice.

9. If I am in receipt of another bursary can I apply to the Journalism Diversity Fund?

No – you must not be in receipt of another bursary award. We would like to fund as many eligible applicants as possible and therefore give others the chance to complete their journalism training.

10. If I miss the deadline to apply is there any way I can still apply for the fund?

No – once the deadline date has passed all applications are sent off to judges to be shortlisted. If candidates miss this deadline there is no way for their application to be judged along with the others. However, there are four deadlines each year so you may be able to apply in another round. Please visit the schedule section of the website to find out when these are.

11. Do I have to send an editor’s nomination form along with my application form?

No – you can just send in your application form. However, having a positive editor’s recommendation supporting your application will strengthen your application.

12. Can I email my application instead of posting it?

Yes – simply download the word version of the application form, complete it electronically, save it, and send it as an attachment to journalismdiversityfund@nctj.com. Please send the piece of journalism as an attachment as well.

13. I don’t have any journalism experience. Can I still apply for a bursary?

We expect applicants to have undertaken some form of journalism-related work experience because it demonstrates a commitment to the profession. Without this it is unlikely your application will get through to the interview stage.